Excavator Attachment Hydraulic Log Wood Grapple Mechanical Grapple

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1. The company can now customize the design of wood grabbers according to different customer needs;
2. Hydraulic cylinders are equipped with balance valves to ensure smooth and safe operation;
3. The material of the rotary gear is made of 42CrMo, which is quenched and tempered + high-frequency treatment, and the life of the gear is longer;
4. The rotary motor uses the German M+S brand, and the rotary oil circuit is equipped with a protection valve to prevent the motor from being damaged by strong impact;
5. All shafts of the wood grabber are made of 45 steel quenched and tempered + high frequency, and key parts have wear-resistant shaft sleeves, which have better performance;


According to the type of hydraulic cylinder:


1.Mechanical type


2.Single cylinder type


3.Double cylinder type


4.Multiple cylinder type

Maintenance precautions

Electric control pipeline installation essentials
Install the wood grabber

1. The wood grabber is placed vertically on the ground.

2. To adjust the position of the forearm, first thread the forearm pin and fix it.

3. Adjust the position of the I-shaped frame, thread the I-shaped frame pins, and fix them.

4.Connect the oil pipe and turn on the switch

Maintenance precautions

1. During the normal use of the wood grabber, butter it every 4 hours.
2. When the wood grabber is used for 60 hours, it is necessary to check whether the slewing bearing screws and the slewing motor screws are loose.
3. Always observe the state of the oil cylinder and the diverter during use to see if there is any damage or oil leakage.
4. Every 60 hours, the user should check whether the oil pipe of the wood grabber is worn or cracked.
5. The replacement parts must use the original parts of Yantai BRIGHT factory. The company will not be responsible for the failure of the wood grabber caused by the use of other non-genuine parts. bear any responsibility.
6. Maintenance of slewing support bearings (Notes for slewing type)
After the slewing bearing installed and put into operation for 100 hours of continuous operation, it should be fully checked whether the pre-tightening torque of the mounting bolts meets the requirements.
If required, repeat the above inspection every 500 hours of continuous operation. When the slewing bearing is installed, it has been filled with an appropriate amount of grease.
After the bearing works for a period of time, it will inevitably lose a part of the grease, so every interval of the slewing bearing in normal operation is necessary.
Grease should be replenished after 50~100 hours
7. The wood grabber should be maintained every three months.

Product Specification

Weight KG 320 390 740 1380 1700 1900 2100
Max Jaw Opening M/m 1300 1400 1800 2300 2500 2500 2700
Working Pressure KG/cm2 110-140 120-160 150-170 160-180 160-180 180-200 180-200
Setting Pressure Kg/cm2 170 180 190 200 210 250 250
Working Flux L/min 30-55 50-100 90-110 100-140 130-170 200-250 250-320
Oil Cylinder Capacity Ton 4.0*2 4.5*2 8.0*2 9.7*2 12*2 12*2 14*2
Suitable Excavator Ton 4-6 7-11 12-16 17-23 24-30 31-40 41-50

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