Excavator Quick Change Attachments Quick Hitch Hydraulic Quick Coupler

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Excavator quick coupler, also called quick change, quick connection, quick connector. Equipped with a quick coupler, it can quickly install and switch various front-end attachments (buckets, scarifiers, breakers, hydraulic shears, etc.) Excavator ergonomics.
The hydraulic quick coupler produced by our company uses high-strength manganese plate as a whole, and the structure is integrally processed and formed. The design is reasonable, and the failure rate is lower than that of ordinary quick-change. The accessories used are all installed optimally when they leave the factory, and the on-site installation by after-sales service personnel is more convenient and faster. The quick-change oil cylinder is equipped with a one-way check valve and a safety pin for double protection, making the connector safer and more reliable.
Bright quick coupler can be divided into 8 grades of MINI, 02, 04, 06, 08, 10, 17, and 20 according to the tonnage of the supporting excavator, and can be divided into P type and H type according to the way of hanging shaft.

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1. With high strength high manganese steel and structural integration mechanics design, it is endurable and suitable for itting requirements for all kinds of excavators.
2.Added with electrical motor switch in the cab, it will be convenient for the drivers to replace the oil pressure with high cost with the electrical power.
3.Install safety device for hydraulic pressure control one way valve and mechanical lock on each oil cylinder, to ensure normal operation of the connector when the oil channel and electrical circuit are cut off.
4.Install safety pin protection system on each quick connector, to have the effect of duel fail safe" that ensure the quick connector to operate normally under condition of failure of oil cylinder for quick connector.

Hydraulic Breaker Specification

Overall Length(C) mm 300-450 500-542 581-610 760 920-955 965-1100 1005-1150
Overall Height(G) mm 246 307 310 388 492 574 558-610
Overall Weight(B) mm 175 258-263 270-280 353-436 449-483 543-568 606-663
Pin to Pin Center Distance mm 80-150 230-270 290-360 380-420 460-480 473-540 550-620
Forearm Open Width mm 80-140 155-170 180-200 232-315 306-340 375-411 416-469
Retractable Distance of Oil Cylinder mm 95-200 200-300 300-350 340-440 420-510 460-560 600-650
Top to Bottom Pin Distance mm 159 195 195 220 275 300 360
Weight kg 25 50-60 80 120-130 280-290 420-450 450-580
Working Pressure Kg/cm² 40-380 40-380 40-380 40-380 40-380 40-380 40-380
Required Oil Flow l/min 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20
Suitable Excavator Ton 1.5-4 4-7 5-8 9-19 17-23 23-30 33-45

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