Construction Hydraulic Vibrating Plate Compactor For Excavators

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The compactor, also known as hydraulic vibration compactor, is mainly used in the compaction of slopes, dams, and building foundations. The special design of the Bright compactor can make it suitable for various stone fields and construction sites.

At present, Bright compactor can be divided into 4 levels: 04, 06, 08 and 10 according to the tonnage of the supporting excavator.We can now customize the design of wood grabbers according to different customer needs;

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Product Features

1.By adopting importing technology, the rammer has much larger amplitude, which is more than ten times or tens of times of the vibratory plate compactor. At the same time, it has effect of compactness conforming to the requirements of the expressway.

2. The product can complete plane compacting,slope compacting, step compacting, groove pit compacting and pipe compacting as well as other complicated basis compacting and local tamping treatment. It can be used as pile pulling or broken after install the fixture.

3. It is mainly used as compacting of bridge and culvert back, new and old road joint parts, road shoulder, side slope of the highway and railway, embankment and side slope compacting, civil construction building and groove and back refill compacting, concrete pavement
compacting, pipe, groove and back fill compacting, pipe side and well mouth compacting. Besides, it can also be used as pile pulling and breaker.

Product Specification

Power of Impulse Ton 4 6.5 15 15
Maximum Vibration Frequency Rpm 2000 2000 2000 2000
Oil Flow L/min 45-75 85-105 120-170 120-170
Pressure Kg/cm² 100-130 100-130 150-200 150-200
Weight Kg 270 500 900 950
Bottom Measurement (L×W×T)mm 900*550*25 1160*700*28 1350*900*30 1350*900*30
Overall Height mm 760 920 1060 1100
Overall Width-B mm 550 700 900 900
Suitable Excavator Ton 4-9 11-16 17-23 23-30

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