Excavator Attachment Hydraulic Demolition Cutter Excavator Shear

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Hydraulic shears are installed on excavators and other carriers for construction and demolition, scrap steel decomposition, fire rescue, etc.

According to the number of driving cylinders are divided into single-cylinder hydraulic shears and double-cylinder hydraulic shears.

According to the rotary mechanism is divided into hydraulic rotary and mechanical rotary (bump ball) type.
According to the function can be divided into shear steel type and shear concrete type.

According to the different tonnage of supporting excavators, single-cylinder hydraulic shears can be divided into 02, 04, 08, 08 hawk shears, 10, 10 hawk shears six kinds, double-cylinder hydraulic shears are divided into 06, 08, 08 heavy, 10, 14, 17 five kinds.

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Installation elements

1. Place the excavator and hydraulic shear on a relatively flat place so that the fixed end of the hydraulic shear is aligned with the excavator boom for installation of the connection.
2. Depending on the excavator model, the excavator boom connector requires the use of spacers and rubber bands between the two to be assembled together.
3. Fix the upper shaft with bolts and nuts.
4. Install the hydraulic line. When installing, be sure to make sure that the oil line and the cylinder are oriented.
5. Forbid cross installation and serious bending of the pipeline. When installing the pipeline, be sure to ensure that there are no impurities in the pipeline, to avoid damage to the cylinder caused by safety accidents.
6. New installation of hydraulic shear experiment, the cylinder first empty running 20 ~ 30 times, in order to make the cylinder air out, to avoid causing cylinder cavitation.
(Note: the cylinder empty running, the stroke to 60% of the normal stroke is appropriate, must not top to the ends)

Inspection and maintenance essentials

A. hydraulic shears during normal use, every 4 hours to play grease;.

B. every 60 hours of use, the need to check the rotary bearing screws and rotary motor screws are not loose phenomenon;.

C. often observe the state of the oil cylinder and shunt during use, whether there is damage or oil leakage;.

D. Users every 60 hours, check the oil pipe for wear and tear, rupture, etc..

E. Be sure to use Yantai Juxiang genuine parts for replacement, and we will not be responsible for any failure caused by using other non-genuine parts. The company does not bear any responsibility.

F. The whole machine should be maintained once every three months.

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